Transitional Housing Philadelphia: Prevention Programs

Every individual longs to have a place to live in, a sanctuary that is quiet and peaceful. Most of us imagine living in a luxurious house or even a simple one where it is nice and presentable, as well as a place to be called home. Sad to say, many of people are living in poverty wherein the dream of having a house is unreachable and stays as a dream. We take consideration of the unemployment rate, recession, company bankruptcy and other factors that affect each one’s way of living. People cannot afford to buy a house or even rent because of these factors.

The government of Philadelphia is alarmed with this scenario and they made some prevention programs that will help the homeless ones and who are becoming homeless soon. These programs are associated with financial assistance, outreach and supportive services that will ensure and prevent the people of Philadelphia to be homeless. Below are some institutions and organizations that provide help and will prevent homelessness of families in Philadelphia.


Rental assistance program – the Housing Trust Fund will provide rental assistance to families within three years who is moving out of transitional housing that needs further time and support services to complete independence. The rent paid increases as the beneficiary progresses through the program until he or she finishes it within the time frame given. Each beneficiary is paying his entire rent at the end of three years.
Housing retention program – this program delivers emergency assistance for low income families in threat of becoming homeless because of eviction or foreclosure or utility shutoff.
Homeless diversion program – this program was participated by at least 50 homeless families and they received rental subsidies, and they are assisted by a Homeless Prevention staff to find employment and acquire an established housing.
Pathway to housing program – this program uses outreach team to involve folks living in the street as well as to provide and help them transfer to privately-owned rental accommodation and providing services that assist them with self-regulating living.
Utility emergency services fund – this program grants help for individual who have low-income, and to be able to provide them necessary services.